St Clement's Choir

St Clement's Choir

The Choir of St Clement’s, Cambridge

Our volunteer adult choir can be heard regularly at our Sunday morning Eucharists. They also sing a range of more demanding repertoire at evening choral services c. once a month, and often are involved in collaborations with other choirs or music ensembles. Please get in touch if you’d like to take part or want to propose a joint performance.

Our SATB choir is formed of volunteers from across Cambridge. They sing a range of music in the core Anglican music tradition, ranging from the Renaissance to works by modern 21st-century composers. The choir is led by our Director of Music, Mr Karol Jaworski, and works to a high standard in a friendly, supportive and collaborative environment. 

Choir schedule

The choir has a fairly relaxed schedule compared to other choirs in Cambridge, with typically only one midweek rehearsal and a Sunday morning service. Once a month there is an additional evening choral service with an afternoon rehearsal – usually on a Sunday, but sometimes midweek if there is a major feast.

Our typical schedule is:

In addition to the above, our monthly choral services are typically one of:

Midweek rehearsals include a mix of learning new music, as well as developing musicianship, ensemble and individual technique. Once a term our rehearsals feature a visiting tutor, focussing on specific technical areas to explore and improve.

Our singers

Our singers come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Some have sung in the Anglican choral tradition for many years, for others this is the first choir they have sung in since their schooldays. What joins us all is a love of choral music and singing. 

The choir has an appetite for continually improving both as a choir and as individual singers. We always aim to perform to high standards and work hard in rehearsals, though always try to have fun in a friendly and supportive environment, and never take ourselves too seriously.

Collaborations, tours and residencies

The choir has often collaborated with other musicians in Cambridge, including a number of Cambridge University chapel choirs (John’s, Magdalene, Churchill), as well as other ensembles and choirs around the area. We have undertaken a few tours during the summer around the UK, and are looking forward to future plans including a cathedral residency and a European tour.

Joining the choir

Our Director of Music, Mr Karol Jaworski, welcomes all enquiries from singers interested in joining our choir. We are open to singers from all backgrounds, though singers should ideally have some experience with music already, and be able to read sheet music and follow a part with others around them. Please get in touch!